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Utilize technology obtained from strict standards and management, we offer and provide reliable easy-to-use "shape" design and production

3 unique strengths of TOKAI RESIN

3 unique strengths of TOKAI RESIN

"the concept" becomes "the product “, we take the first step toward realization

【1】Shorter Lead Time

Simultaneous 5-axis machining performed
by FOOKE's ENDURA machine
significantly reduces product machining time.


In-house implementation from mechanical design,
3D modeling design to NC processing data.
Proposing gauges and jigs that are the most suitable
for customer needs and requests.

【3】Production Results

Produced inspection gauges and jigs for various industries and fields.
Some of past proposed cases are shown.

Main products based on our original technology

Using our original technology, we change customer’s “cannot do” into “can do”, those lead reduction of costs and work by various aspects

Sensor gauge

Sensor gauge

The inspection gauge attaching our original sensor
measures and judges “pass / fail” instantly.
It makes to contribute quality improvement.

Assemble sensor jig

Assemble sensor jig

The jig with air push-up system attaching our original sensor
makes to contribute quality improvement, shorter work time,
and reducing costs to automotive manufacturers.

Electronic gauge

Electronic gauge

The inspection gauge attaching electronic device examines
disconnection of the hot wire glass and antenna wire.
It makes to contribute quality control greatly
to automotive glass manufacturers.

Maintenance Service of milling machine

Maintenance Service of milling machine

We made contract of the service business with FOOKE GmbH &
FOOKE Japan, and make maintenance of ENDURA machines as the service partner in Japan. Opened the only demo center through the contract with FOOKE.

Aluminum jigs

Aluminum jigs

We have adopted aluminum from an early stage and are good at aluminum processing such as argon welding.
Highly evaluated by various companies for making jigs
that are lightweight and have good workability.

Design and Production by CAD / CAM

Design and Production by CAD / CAM

Making full use of 3D CAD / CAM, we meet a wide range of
customer needs such as complicated 3D shaped parts and
Parts with high processing difficulty.
We also perform 3D modeling and NC data creation.

Examples of productions

Introducing some of the products manufactured with our original technology

See cases

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"Manufacturing" with us in the vibrant and enjoyable workplace

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  1. 2019-09-26

    Introduced German company, FOOKE’s machine ENDURA 711 in Handa factory.

  2. 2013-04-09

    New opening the demo center of FOOKE’s ENDURA machine in Handa factory.

  3. 2009-05-15

    Planning open the demo center of OLIGO’s Lightning Tunnel in Handa factory.